Hello from Sagacity Ministries

Is this you?

  • You have been a believer for quite some time now, but you feel that you have yet to break through the surface of what the Bible has to offer.
  • You are looking for teachings that will provide you with a thorough understanding of Scripture and in proper context.
  • You want to discern between the different schools of thought and cut through the fog with Biblical truth in proper context.

Let me accompany you on this journey, by taking you deeper into the Word of God through clear and concise teachings.

This discovery will enable you to grow closer in your relationship with God as you get to know His character, intent, and purpose.

You will not only gain a thorough understanding of Scripture, but you will also be able to extract the principles taught by God which govern and directs the course of life.

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With All Your Heart

Love God With All Your Heart

    We often refer to our hearts as the center of our emotions. We express love, joy, and well-being from a happy heart, and experience all kinds of negative emotions from a broken heart. From this point of view, to “Love God with all your heart” centers around the love and commitment we feel for…
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